Expat Health Insurance in Spain With private health insurance, expats in Spain can have peace of mind knowing that they have access to the best healthcare available in Spain. Health insurance spain or global LOCAL OR GLOBAL COVERAGE
You choose your cover.
Benefit from annual checkups.
Fast diagnosis and treatment.
Medical insurance checkups Private healthcare with fast treatments
Health insurance for your family
Get cover for you and your Family The best healthcare for you and your loved ones.

Select from a wide range of medical insurance policies with or without co-payment.

Health insurance Spain
Get care in your native language English speaking medical practitioners.

You will struggle to find English speaking staff at public hospitals. With private health insurance you have access to private hospitals and clinics with English speaking staff.

Medical insurance Spain
You select your GP or Hospital Access to hospitals all over Spain.

You select at which GP, Clinic or Hospital you want to receive your medical care.

Health Insurance Spain

Investing in private health insurance is often a great idea for expats living in Spain.

The fundamental components of a private healthcare plan usually include primary care services, specialists, surgery, preventative medicines, and hospitalisation should it be required. For anyone wanting peace of mind in case of a medical emergency, finding the right private healthcare plan for you is an excellent option.

Why Opt for Private Medical Insurance?

Public healthcare in Spain is not necessarily the most high-quality service. There is often a long waiting period for both consultations and treatments alike. Private care and insurance means less waiting time, less queues, and quicker treatment.

Additionally, many expats find difficulty in that some of the public-sector doctors don’t speak English, whereas private sector staff can often converse with you in your own tongue, which is ideal when you find yourself in a stressful medical situation.

Another advantage is that you can often find flexible plans. Dentistry is sometimes included in private plans upon request, and many include international health plans for extra security. This usually includes getting a second opinion on diagnoses, which may require contacting a professional from abroad.

Furthermore, opting for private care gives you the liberty of selecting the clinics and professionals that you prefer in each speciality, making sure that you have a comfortable experience during a troublesome time. Similarly, you can receive optimum comfort by gaining access to individual, private rooms if you are ever hospitalized.

Finally, the majority of insurance plans cover any additional costs that you may incur, and many will reimburse the funds required for pharmacy treatments or medication required due to accidents at work.

Finding the right medical insurance plan

Before spending your hard-earned money on private health insurance, it is absolutely vital to consider all your options. Getting a quote from a trusted insurance broker is always recommended, since there are many different plans that cover a variety of different needs.

This process includes selecting a service that has the best quality of service for the right cost. Doing this research yourself you might miss something important and end up paying a lot of money for a lower quality service than when you would have let a skilled insurance broker do the research for you.

If you are really considering investing in a health care plan, request a free quote to help find the perfect medical insurance plan for you! We ensure that you will avoid spending unnecessary money, but still find a plan with full coverage to keep you safe and comfortable.

Why should I consider health insurance?

With a private medical insurance you and your family can expect the best medical care with less waiting time and a bigger choice opposed to social healthcare in Spain.

Can I get health insurance as a Diabetic?

It often is difficult for people with Diabetes to find a health insurer who accepts them. Our broker works with several medical insurance companies who insure people with diabetes or other existing medical conditions.

Who can get private health insurance in Spain?

Expats in Spain can easily access private medical insurance as long as they have an NIE, which is required for the purchase or sale of real estate, vehicles, and in order to work or study in Spain.

What is a Co-Payment policy?

A Co-Payment insurance policy is a policy whereby you pay towards your treatments. Co-Payment policies are generally a lot cheaper then policies with no excess and are generally advised younger people who are in good health.

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