AXA Health Insurance

AXA health insurance is one of the giants of the insurance market, with more than 100 million customers worldwide. They know that health insurance is a very serious matter that you want to entrust to an expert, and that is exactly what AXA health insurance offers you in Spain. If you take out medical insurance with AXA you get access to more than 1,200 medical centers and 48,000 medical services.

AXA offers four types of health insurance for expats in Spain:


Optima Familiar L provides you with great value for money. It covers general medication, specialist care, diagnostic tests, preventive medicines and treatments, surgery and much more.

This packages is intended to be a cheap service and works using a co-payment system where you have to pay a small amount of money for each medical treatment received.


Many people don’t want to pay an excess on their medical insurance. If that is the case for you, you may want to opt for the OPTIMA plan, because it is a medical private insurance without co-payments.

In addition to the coverage previously mentioned in the other packages  yes, all of them are included ‒ it also covers prosthesis, family planning such as vasectomy, tubal ligation, and IUD.


This one is the next step up in terms of price and cover. You pay a little more than when you opt for Optima Familiar L, but the co-payment for your medical service is lower here.

The coverage is also the same as in the previous mentioned plans.

It is a good option for those that don’t want to worry about extra payments when they are ill.


This plan provides excellent private health insurance without co-payment. You can even freely choose your hospital and doctors, because it covers hospital and medical expenses up to 90% in Spain and 80% in other countries.

Besides the exceptional coverage of the OPTIMA plan, this insurance includes assisted reproduction, bariatric surgery, labor assistance and full board for your partner to be present during childbirth.

Perfect for living peacefully knowing you won’t need to pay more than your fixed fees for everything included in the coverage.

Why Choose AXA Health Insurance?

AXA health insurance has more than 3 million customers in Spain and works with a broad list of experienced doctors in all of the Spanish provinces. Even better is that 9 out of 10 customers say they are satisfied with their services.

AXA is a dedicated company that provides state of the art medical treatment at a fair price. You can choose whether you want to use co-payments or not in order to find a policy which fits your needs and budget.

Their insurance coverage also includes a 24/7 telephone counselling service for paediatric, nutritional and psychological matters.