DKV Health Insurance

DKV health insurance is well known in Europe and is known as one of the most trustworthy companies offering health insurance for expats in Spain. They offer their services in more than 30 countries from Europe and Asia and has more than 40,000 employees and a great customer rating of 8.3 out of 10 among their 7 million customers in Europe.

DKV health insurance offers the following packages:

DKV Integral Complete

This is the most basic policy DKV health insurance offer. The coverage includes general medication, paediatrics , specialists checkups, emergencies, birth assistance and a lot more.

DKV Integral Complete also offers dental services at a discounted price.

It works using a co-payment system so you will need to pay a small amount for each treatment. This is the best option for those who don’t need medical assistance frequently and just want to have peace of mind in terms of costs in case any health issues arise.

DKV modular II

This package includes all medical services except hospitalisation and surgeries. The co-payments are lower than when you opt for the DKV integral complete policy.

DKV modular II also includes dental services such as extractions and fluoridation.

This is a good option for those who use preventive medicine or want to have their health checked regularly and want to pay an affordable insurance premium.

DKV Modular III

DKV Modular III includes all  the options mentioned in the other DKV Modular  packages and also assisted reproduction, aesthetic treatments and wellness services.

It has an unlimited number of days for hospitalisation to ensure you have peace of mind while recovering.

DKV Integral Elite

DKV Integral Elite is a policy without co-payment so you have your health costs under control. Besides the options mentioned in the other packages, it includes a compensation for each day of hospitalisation and an individual room when you receive sugery.

DKV Integral elite provides very good coverage where you won’t need to worry about having to pay anything extra when you receive treatment.

Why Choose DKV Health Insurance?

In Spain DVK health insurance has about 2 million clients and more than 2,000 employees. This means they are present throughout the whole country. In fact, you will have the option to select from more than 28,000 places for medical assistance of any kind.

Another thing to note is that DKV has a commitment to maintain the relationship with clients after 3 years with them, except in the case of a breach of contract. This kind of commitment is very interesting in case some kind of long-term illness appears that will make the client no longer viable for other health insurance companies.

Their range of prices is already very attractive, but they can be even better with the discounts for annual payment or by taking out a DKV health insurance for your whole family.

By taking out your health insurance with DKV, you gain access to more than 1,000 medical centres and 30,000 doctors. This guarantees you access to the best specialists in all health areas and the best and state-of-the-art medical techniques and tools. Of course, these doctors and health professionals are spread out across all provinces and cities in Spain.