Mapfre Health Insurance

Mapfre health insurance is a Spanish multinational insurance company working in more than 45 different countries. Its headquarters is based in Madrid and its shares are traded on the Madrid Stock exchange.

Mapfre has more than 35 million clients and 5,400 offices worldwide. In Spain, they offer you access to more than 32,000 doctors and 400 medical centres. In other words, when you consider Mapfre as your insurance company, you are looking at a leading company with strong experience in any kind of situation.

Mapfre offers the following medical insurance packages:

Premier con Hospitalización

  • General medication
  • Specialist treatments
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Preventive treatments and surgeries
  • Hospitalisation

It follows a co-payment system in which you have to pay a certain amount each time you receive treatment. It includes emergencies and individual hospital assistance.

This type of coverage is ideal for people that usually don’t have to receive medical treatments. The co-payment reduces the cost of the insurance premium, but for someone that usually needs hospital assistance several times per year, it would be better to opt for a more comprehensive coverage without co-payment.

Plus con Hospitalización

The premium for this policy is slightly higher than the previous option, so it still includes all its coverage. It also includes urgent assistance in Spain and in foreign countries, hospitalisation and high-tech diagnosis methods. If you get admitted to a hospital you will stay in a private room.

The following treatments are 100 % included: general medicine, specialist treatments, diagnosis, preventive medicine, physical therapy, assisted reproduction, psychotherapy. For the rest, co-payment will apply.

Mapfre health insurance offers discounts when you take out insurance for the whole family or when you decide to pay the insurance premium on an annual basis.

Supra con Hospitalización

This package includes paediatrics, everything mentioned in the previous packages and and others without any kind of copayment.

It also includes some interesting additional features like coverage for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia surgeries, genetic study of obesity, gastric balloons and alternative medicine.

Since it includes a broad range of preventive medical treatments such as breast, gynaecological, coronary, prostate, diabetes and glaucoma diseases, this coverage is a good option for those looking for peace of mind in terms of active healthcare and its expenses.

Reembolso con Hospitalización

The crown jewel when it comes to Mapfre health insurance, this option covers 80-90% of your medical costs and gives you freedom to select the hospital or doctor you want

This coverage is designed for those that do not want to worry about anything more than their recovery when they face medical issues.

Why Choose Mapfre Health Insurance?

Mapfre is the leader in the Spanish market and has agreements with the best’s medical centers and doctors. Mapfre health insurance offers state of the art health technologies and the best medical professionals. They have more than 23 million clients in Spain and 80 years of experience in the insurance market.

In order to offer the best services, they offer medical assistance by phone 24/7 all year around.