Sanitas Health Insurance

Sanitas health insuranceSanitas health insurance is one of the most popular health insurance companies in Spain. With more than 60 years of history, if offers its services in Spain, Poland, Chile and Peru. It manages 2.7 million health insurances in the world, and is the owner of 4 hospitals ‒ all of them with the Joint Commission International certification ‒ 20 medical centers and 16 welfare centers. It also manages more than 45 residences for the elderly.

Sanitas más salud óptima

This private health insurance has the most basic coverage in Sanitas options and, we have to say, it is really nice. It includes medication, specialist treatments, diagnostic tests, surgeries, dental work and more.

It works with a co-payment system that includes urgency assistance in Spain and overseas, the last one with a high limit of 12,000 € per year. It includes Sanitas Dental 21 with 25 different dental services included and 21 % off on any services that are not included in the package of this insurance.

Sanitas más salud plus

In addition to the previous package, Sanitas más salud plus includes physical therapy. With this coverage you won’t need to pay for the first 6 treatments you receive. The rest will work with a co-payment system.

It is a very good option for those that are willing to have preventive medicine and will want to do just a few tests each year.

Sanitas más salud

In this instance, we are talking about coverage without any co-payment that includes paediatrics in addiction to the covered treatments mentioned before. You can decide to opt for options such as pharmacy, optics or reimbursement in case you think you will want to visit a doctor not included in the Sanitas directory.

This option fits people that do not want to pay anything at all in case they will need medical assistance in something covered by the insurance.

Sanitas Blua

Sanitas Blua is the Premium version of Sanitas health insurances. It includes pharmacy coverage, reimbursement up to 150.000 €, medical analysis at home, and coverage in the USA.

It also has a prevention program and offers you video advice, of course without any kind of co-payment.